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Tu verras un enfant perché au-dessus d'un pin effilé/Désireux de ravir la couvée du nid de la lumière/Et tu lui demanderas/"Où est la demeure de l'ami ?" Sohrab Sepehri (traduction D. Shayegan)

Film: Mithra et ses copines

The movie
Mialy, Naemie, Antonia and Lea are Mithra’s friends. They meet every day at their kindergarten in Zehlendorf in south Berlin. They are three years old and speak German and French every day. They love each other and tease each other at the same time. Sometimes they share or fight about lipstick. „Mithra et ses copines“ is an observant film about the naive world of infants. Without making any comment, the film presents a selection of everyday scenes which are at times, very close, and at other times, very far from the grown-up world.

The film captures the precious and fleeting moments of childhood.

The idea
I was inspired by the ingenuous way kids play. Their creative and imaginative world fascinates me a lot. I watched them talking to imaginative figures, chasing thieves or furiously parting from each other after a big fight. I decided to film these magic and most important moments of their childhood, before they grow up and become mature individuals.
In cooperation with my team, I met these kids in their kindergarten just before the summer break of 2008.

We set up our camera at the children’s eye-level and tried to dive into their universe for ten days. We wanted to convey a world that we will all share in our memories. In this very spontaneous microcosm of childhood, we observe scenes that touch everyone.
At this time our protagonists were three years old. As they saw themselves two years later on the screen, they laughed out very loud.

Directed by Sandrine Jorand
Camera: Martin König
Sound: Bernd Latzel, Olaf Piepper
Editor: Katrin Eissing
Sound mix: Jochen Jezussek
Postproduction: edelbytes
Production: Sandrine Jorand, Horizon Factory GmbH – Berlin
Short film, 15 min
Languages: german and french

World premiere at Short Film Corner, Cannes 2010.

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